Financial Planning

Most people benefit from at least some form of financial planning, but the level of planning you may need depends a lot on your particular financial, family, and employment situation.

 Foundational Planning - If you are in your early earning years with a reasonable income, and you would like guidance on saving and spending responsibly, a foundational planning engagement is often a good place to start.

 Core Financial Plan - As you start a family, your annual income reaches a level between $100,000 and $250,000, and/or your investments exceed $300,000, having at least a core financial plan becomes exceedingly important.

♦ Comprehensive Financial Plan - As a business owner, executive, or other professional with annual income exceeding $250,000, and/or investment assets eclipsing $1 million, a comprehensive financial plan can help manage multiple competing financial needs and risks including Tax Mitigation, Basic Estate Planning, Risk Assessment (Life, Disability, Long-term Care, Property, Casualty, Liability, and concentration of investments).

♦ Advanced Financial Plan - For individuals, families, and business owners with annual income above $500,000, and/or investment assets exceeding a value of $5,000,000, your financial picture will often tend to be quite complex, with many potential pitfalls that need to be avoided. An Advanced Financial Plan designed in collaboration with our planning team, the LPL Private Client team and other professionals including your CPA, Estate Attorney, and other professional advisors can identify strategies to simplify those complexities and provide the guidance needed to avoid or mitigate future risks.

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