Serving As The Pecos Valley's Professional Financial Guides


At Oakley & Irving Wealth Management, LLC, we proudly serve successful business owners and energy industry professionals who aspire to create and maintain multigenerational legacies that continue to uphold the values upon which they were built.  We are committed to providing objective, professional advice regarding all aspects of our clients' financial lives through our FIRST Process that focuses on foundational planning, investment management, risk mitigation, succession planning, and transition planning.

Our ideal clients for the FIRST Process are serious about investing for their financial future, and are committed to being engaged in a planning and advisory relationship that can help bring that future to life.  Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand the values that you hold dear.  From there, we can work together toward building the legacy that you desire.

By leveraging the strength and experience of the resources at LPL Financial, we are able to offer access to numerous strategies, products, and research while maintaining our commitment to acting in our clients' best interest. LPL Financial does not require its advisors to sell proprietary products, so our only interest is to our clients' needs.

We believe true wealth is that which money cannot buy and death cannot take away. We strive to help our clients leave lasting legacies by evaluating their goals, understanding their financial circumstances, and guiding them in the transitions through all phases of life.